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Yunyan Pagoda Daguan Pavilion Golden Basilica Park Butterfly Spring Dieshui River Waterfall Steam Pot Chicken
Dianchi Lake
Dianchi Lake is located in southwest of Kunming City,also called Kunming Lake or Kunming Pond,th
Alu Ancient Hole
Introduction:Alu Ancient Hole is the "Yunnan first hole". Alu Ancient hole is 200 km away from
Golden Basilica Park
Introduction:The Golden Basilica is located o­n the Fung Ming Mountain in the east suburb
Golden Horse And Dark Green Chick Paifang
Introduction:The Golden Horse And Dark Green Chick Paifang is a well-known human landscape and
Introduction:Jiuxiang is a cave-oriented attractions, which is 90 km away from Kunming, 47 km aw
Dragon goal
Introduction:Dragon Gate is at the top of the Western Hill. you can reach the Lohan peak followi
Stone Forest
Introduction:Stone Forest is the first state-level key scenic area of tourism approved by the St
Yuantong Tample
Introduction:Yuantong Tample, is located in Yuantong Mountain. In front of it is Yuantong Street
Yunnan Ethnic Village
Introduction:Yunnan Ethnic Village, is located in southern coast of Dianchi Lake in Kunming City
Qiongzhu Tample
Introduction:Qiongzhu Tample, is located in the Yuan Mountain northwest of Kunming, which is7 km
Green Lake Park
Introduction:Green-Lake Park is located in the centre of Kunming city, and is composed of the Ha
Yuanmou Earth Forest
Actually, the earth of Yuanmou Earth Forest is rock, a kind of sand rock mixed with clay. It has
Great Jiele Golden Towers
Great Jiele Golden Tower shines clinquantly and thus is known far and near. In Dai language, the
Daguan Pavilion
Daguan, which means 'the grand view', is the most befitting name for the park and the pa
Lunan Stone Forest
(Local Name: Shilin) The Stone Forest lies 120km/75mi southeast of Kunming in the district of Lu
World Garden Expo Park
Sitting in the northeast suburbs (6 kilometers from the city center) of Kunming, the World Horti
Xishan Forest Park
Situated in the Xishan Mountain west of Kunming City, Xishan Forest Park (also known as Western
 Clear Water Blue Sky Hotel adress: 149 East Dongfeng Road (Dongfeng Dong Lu) 
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